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Technical Brief and Competitive Advantage

High-speed transfer rate
HB Broadband is all about increasing the pace at which businesses communicate. This is accomplished by using a committed information rate technology, which allows data, video, or audio to travel at the maximum speed all the time. In comparison DSL circuits use an "up to" speed, which means that many times the actual transfer speed is slower than the listed speed.
Unsurpassed network up time
MPLS traffic engineered backbone with full-mesh redundancy for high performance ensures congestion -free, high-performance transmission. In addition, Mobi Corporatesolutions have the highest amount of uptime at nearly 99.9%, which means businesses who are sending/receiving critical data, video, or voice can be assured their communication will remain up.
Mobi iB Corporate’s corporate client care professional team provides 24-hours a day 7 days a week monitoring, diagnostic & intervention tasks , in order to offer a stable and reliable service.
Our install team is professional and courteous. They will work with you and your network support staff to configure and install your router in a timely manner.
The service sits between the client’s network and the Internet to stop users wasting the company’s valuable resources – “TIME” by from accessing adult, social media and other unwanted sites... rather than dedicating their work hours to productive work. While no filter is 100% accurate, we use advanced proprietary technology that checks keywords, phrases, and group settings.
Mobi iB Corporate has several advantages over other ISPs; we have two access gateways connected with Ogero from two different sources, through different BGP, and separate IP ranges which maximizes redundancy capabilities. Mobi iB Corporate backbone is interconnected with all major ISPs in Lebanon through Lebanon’s IXP (Internet Exchange Point). This allows your traffic within Lebanon to pass through our local network - faster than going through international links from Lebanon to Europe/USA and back to Lebanon. This adds speed in browsing local sites and sending emails to fellow Lebanese with locally hosted emails.
Our service is based on two parallel and redundant international fiber optic connections that permit us to offer redundancy in case one of the fibers is cut. The redundancy stems from redundant routers, redundant fibers to Ogero’s network, and redundant international fiber optic links.
Mobi iB Corporate provides its clients with advanced monitoring capabilities – CACTI MRTG which is personalized and password protected web-based monitoring dynamic tool that shows current and past internet connection speeds. An example of hourly, weekly and monthly graphs of utilization is below:

Our system even provides the capability to go back historically and provide past performances of your connection.