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Manage by SMS

Check your Account Balances by SMS

Now you can check your account balances instantly!

Just send an SMS to 71-405090 containing B
and the username separated by a star.

Example: B*

Within minutes, you receive an SMS from MOBI stating your account quota, credit and expiry date.
Recharge your Mobi iB account

Recharging your Mobi account has never been easier! After purchasing the Mobi Recharge, send by SMS to 71-405090 your username & voucher information separated by star in the following format: R*MyUsername@MyISP*VoucherID*VoucherCode and your account will be recharged instantly!

Example: R**123456*12345678

You can find the Voucher ID & Voucher Code on the Recharge card.
The username to be entered must have the full information
Due to security reasons, our customer care team is not being allowed to recharge your Mobi accounts over the phone.
For more info call 01-29 60 29, our customer care team is ready to assist you on how to use this service!

Recharge from Mobi ib Connection Manager

Recharge your Mobi account with a simple click!
You can now easily recharge your Mobi account by clicking on the Renew/Refill Button on Mobi Connection Manager.
After clicking on this button, you can select your transaction type “Renew or Refill”, double check your username, enter your Voucher ID & Voucher Code, and click on “Proceed” to be informed immediately about the result of your transaction.
If you didn’t download Mobi Connection Manager yet, to download it for free.

Recharge via BankMed ATMs

Now you can get your Mobi/Lynx recharge voucher anytime from any BankMed ATM!
How can I use MOBI recharge service on BankMed ATMs?
  • Insert your Card
  • Select your preferred language
  • Enter your card PIN code
  • Select Recharge Services
  • Follow screen prompts
  • Select your recharge amount/capacity/days
  • Take the Recharge Coupon receipt
How can I recharge my MOBI account with BankMed ATM voucher?
  • Via SMS: Send R**VoucherID*Voucher Code to 71-405090
  • Via Connection Manager: Click on Renew, Enter your Username and Voucher information
  • Online: Go to
What type of card can be used for recharge services?

You can use any BankMed card (Visa/MasterCard, Debit/ Prepaid/Charge/Credit), or any Visa/MasterCard issued in Lebanon.


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Al Baba Sweets Al Tayouneh
American Community School Manara
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Beirut Souks Sayyour Street
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Khaldeh Branch Main Road
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Rafic Hariri International Airport - Beirut

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TSC Plus Baabda
Zalka Branch Breezvale Center
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Amyoun Branch Cedars Street
Chekka Branch Main Road
Fenianos East Fenianos Gas Station, Chekka Highway
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Tyr Branch Central Bank Street
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