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Mobi Pro Dial on Demand

Mobi’s dial-on-demand routing is a technique whereby a host or router will automatically initiate a dial-up when network access is required, and close the connection when no more data needs to be transmitted or received. The line will only be used when needed, which reduces costs. Currently, most banks and corporate enterprises use ISDN, dial up or costly wireless microwave links as backup in case data transportation between the branches fails.

Mobi Pro DOD requires a “Mobi Desktop Modem”, a monthly subscription plan and for superior performance on the backup connection, it is recommended to install a CPE on the Enterprise Head Office premises. Moreover, VPN service can be customized to meet the client’s request.

Terms and Conditions

• CPE: Please call us for update prices
• Setup fee : $100
• Recurring monthly fee: $70
• Account speed: 1 Mbps
• Account capacity: 6 Gbytes
• Refill $15/Gbyte

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