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Mobi Pro Fixed IP

Mobi regular subscribers use dynamic and random IP addresses; however, several IT services and applications require that its client operates on a network with a fixed IP address.

There are many benefits to be gained from using a fixed IP address. These include:

Why use Mobi™ Pro VPN?

Remote access
is a set of technologies that transparently connects a computer, typically located in an off-site or remote location to a network. Remote access is typically used by organizations to connect an employee's laptop or home computer to an organization's network to read email or access shared files and by Internet service providers (ISPs) to connect a customer to the Internet. When using either a virtual private network (VPN) connection, an IP address is assigned through the Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) IP Address option during the negotiation of the Point-to-Point (PPP) connection.

The remote access server obtains the IP addresses that are assigned to remote access clients from either a DHCP server or a static pool of IP addresses configured locally.
Running your own website
Installing web server software on your PC allows you to set up your own website and can save you money if you need one for your business, or just for personal use. There are plenty of free programs available on the internet but make sure you do your research and check customer reviews before installing anything.
Emails direct to your PC
Using a static IP address also allows you to get rid of your Hotmail or Yahoo account and set up your own email address with your choice of domain name. Again, this is especially useful if you run a small business. You need to install separate mail server software to do this, but there are free ones available.
Running an FTP server
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an efficient and reliable way to transfer data from one computer to another. Again, specific software must be installed in order for you to set up an FTP site, but this is easy to do and free software is available. You might want to use an FTP site to share files, such as pictures, with your friends, or you might use it to enhance your business. Either way, once you’ve set up the site, clients or friends just need to log in to access, manipulate or upload files.
Running a game server
For all those online game addicts, having a static IP address means that you can take your gaming to the next level. Most PC games have an option for operating your own server, allowing you to select your own settings and regulate who you let into your game – so you and your friends could have a private game of Battlefield.

VPN Access

A static IP address may be required or desirable for certain services or applications you use - these typically include:
Running your own mail server (SMTP inbound).
Various VPN (virtual private network) implementations require one or both sides of the VPN to have a static IP address.
If you are connecting to your company network and need access through their firewall.

Mobi Pro VPN Plans & Prices

Speed1 DL / UL Quota2 Monthly Prepaid Fees3
1024/256 Kbps 5GB $166
1024/256 Kbps 7.5GB $196
1024/256 Kbps 10GB $236

Terms and Conditions

  • Monthly Subscription specified speed is the upper limit the service can reach.
  • Quota is based on a 1:4 ratio; i.e. 1 GB is equivalent to 200 Mbytes upload and 800 Mbytes download.
  • Prices do not include 10% VAT.
  • Refill Vouchers will only add the quota to the active account and will not in any way affect the expiry date. The added quota can be used only before account expiration; once the account is expired and recharged, its previous quota will be reset.
  • Subscribers are notified by email and SMS when 75% and 95% of the maximum usage is reached. Prepaid card users are notified 5, 3 and 1 day(s) before account expiry date.

Contact us at or contact your selected Partner ISP, for further details regarding Mobi Pro Fixed IP Services.