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Mobi Pro VPN

Access your company network when you're on the move.
Mobi Pro VPN is a Mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that allows you to access your company network while you roam within Mobi network. Extend office applications to anytime, anywhere. Use email, messaging, video streaming, or database access - even at highway speeds. So now when you are waiting for meetings, stuck in traffic or staying away on business, you can still be getting work done.

Why use Mobi™ Pro VPN?

Increase your productivity and efficiency.
No need to travel to the office to access company systems. You and your employees can work how, when and where you want, subject to network coverage.
Access the latest information
Pricing updates, stock levels, delivery schedules – all these and more can be at your fingertips.
Manage your data costs more effectively
Charges are based on the data you use, rather than on time spent online, and our packages can be tailored to suit your usage levels.

Mobi™ Pro VPN, How it works

Have your company network connected to Mobi network through a wireless microwave link. (For current Cedarcom clients who have their branches already connected through Cedarcom network; there is no need for additional installations).
Allow your team members to remotely access the company network. There is no need of installing additional VPN server or VPN client applications at your team members PCs from your side.
Your team members just dial a PPPOE connection and it instantly redirects them to the VPN on Cedarcom WAN, which is already configured for them and thus they are routed into the virtual-routing table on Cedarcom secure MPLS/VPN backbone.

Mobi Pro VPN Plans & Prices

Speed1 DL / UL Quota2 Monthly Fees3
1024 Kbps/256 Kbps 6GB $60
1024 Kbps/256 Kbps 8GB $90
1024 Kbps/256 Kbps 10GB $120
1024 Kbps/256 Kbps 12GB $150

Terms and Conditions

• 1 Monthly Subscription specified speed is the upper limit the service can reach.
• 2 Quota is based on a 1:4 ratio. i.e. 5GB is equivalent to 1Gbytes upload and 4Gbytes download.
• 3 Prices do not include 10% VAT.
• A minimum of 3 users per Corporate Enterprise Account.
• 1 time setup fee: $100/user.
• SLA delays between Mobi and Cedarcom H.Q. with an average of 200 ms.
• Company Head Office connected to Mobi Wireless Network.
• Domiciliation required.

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