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Mobi Pro VPN for ATM

There is a growing need in the banking industry for secure communication between computers executing financial transactions or exchanging sensitive data. Transactions processed in an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) need to be as secure as a direct connection between two computers.

In this regard, Banks utilize expensive leased lines to ensure the highest level of security between the ATM and its server.

Mobi Pro VPN for ATM is the solution for Banks for the interconnection of their ATM machines. With Mobi Pro VPN for ATM, you gain flexibility, affordability, rapidity in deployment, and ensure fast IP packet transfer without jeopardizing security by always operating and benefiting from the advantages of communicating over Cedarcom MPLS/VPN backbone.

Connecting ATMs to the Bank VPN requires:
  • Mobi Desktop Modem
  • Router with at least an Ethernet port and the ATM compatible interface that supports PPPOE clients. (Ex: J series Juniper or 1941 ISR series Cisco).

Terms and Conditions

  • A minimum of 3 ATM’s in the initial setup
  • Setup Charges: $100 per ATM
  • Monthly recurring subscription: $90 (with yearly contract)
  • Account speed: 1 Mbps
  • Data capacity: 6 GBytes
  • Survey/ ATM at $100 regardless of its results.
  • Domiciliation required.

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