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Why Mobi3G?

Mobi offers 3G internet services based on advanced HSPA+ technology that brings the fastest internet experience to the Lebanese market.

Mobi3G allows users to access the internet at speeds up to 21 Mbps using smartphones, iPads, 3G notebooks, or any notebook or PC with the Mobi3G Dongle

Stay connected anywhere and anytime; on your way to work, to the gym, at coffee shops, universities, at the beach with Mobi3G!

Enjoy the FREE and RICH experience offered by Mobi3G ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

Why choose it?

  • Very fast web browsing up to 21 Mbps
  • Quick sending and receiving E-mails and multimedia files
  • Watch videos on YouTube without interruptions!
  • Video Calling: You can now hear and see the person you are calling like you never did before
  • Online gaming: real-time online gaming is possible with multiple players around the world.
  • Variety of plans to meet your needs
  • Affordable and comes with flexible method of payments
  • Nationwide seamless coverage