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MPLS Layer 2 and 3 (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

Over the last few years, MPLS has become the dominant internetworking technology.MPLS is being used to engineer the core network easily and efficiently, to provide VPN services (MPLS-VPN), and to facilitate the quality of service (QoS). Cedarcom MPLS network combines the benefits of both Layer 2 switched networks and IP Layer 3 networks.

MPLS Layer 2 network advantages: Security and fast switching.
Fast Switching: MPLS backbone routers switch based on MPLS labels, not on IP addresses. This makes switching faster and more efficient.

Security: MPLS networks offer equivalent security by implementing MPLS VPN. MPLS VPN divides every backbone router into multiple virtual routers. This means that every customer has a separate and independent routing table on the provider backbone.

Layer 3 network advantages: Dynamic networks
Layer 3 networks offer extra flexibility and permit dynamic routing to be deployed. In case a remote router becomes unreachable due to a link failure, dynamic protocols ensure that traffic uses another route to get to its destination. All this happens seamlessly without human intervention. MPLS provides this dynamic feature since it uses MPBGP (Multi-protocol BGP) to generate forwarding tables.
Such features are not available in FR or ATM based networks, where all routing is statically configured.

MPLS Benefits

Cost reduction through data network convergence:
MPLS facilitates the convergence of Disparate Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet & IP networks onto a single infrastructure to reduce capital and operational expenses. The cost savings go up to 40% vs. frame relay.
Integration of voice, video & data services:
MPLS’s traffic management capabilities enable this services “triple play” on a common backbone.
New high-margin revenue opportunities through MPLS-based service offerings:
MPLS’s flexibility, high availability and multi service support enables service providers to offer strict SLA’s, increasing revenue and margins.

Classes of Services (CoS)

Through the Cedarcom MPLS Backbone, five CoS are offered:
1. Real -time Applications.
2. Real- time Video.
3. Business Interactive High Priority Data Applications (SAP, SNA).
4. Business LAN to LAN (intranet Web, on-interactive video).
5. Best Effort Applications (file transfer, email, and internet).

Sample Multi-branch Topology

Cedarcom interconnect your company’s head office with a high capacity link, and connects the branches with adequate equipment taking into consideration current and future internet upgrades and needs similar as the below figure.

Key Competitive Advantage

Cedarcom is the undisputed leader with the largest market share in the multi-branch office segment. This was the result of many years of hard work and value proposition to the MBO segment. The value proposition was based on key differentiators that have allowed us to offer true value and gain market share.





Wireless Broadband with capacity up to 100 Mbps per node and 12 Mbps per client or more

Limited to 1 Mbps excluding Beirut.


Several product lines targeted to vertical market segments - Banks, ISPs, ASPs, MBO's, etc.

Mostly one or two product lines.


All main cities within Lebanese Republic.

P2MP in only few metro areas excluding Beirut.

Security on MPLS

MPLS VPN's providing security and transparency to clients using latest Cisco MPLS technology.

Built on old non-scalable technology.

Security on Access

FIPS 140-2 Compliant with

Data Encryption using AES-128, 192 and 256


Not available

Quality of Service

Network supports various classes of services, based on smart adaptive technologies.

Just simple radio access. No value added services.


Network optimally designed to deliver 99.99% availability, with inner redundancy circle within Greater Beirut.

Regular availability. No commitment.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Call center w/ 24 x 7 x 365 online engineers to service high need availability clients.

Working hour support only 8 am to 6 pm.


Easy and Quick installation thanks to the Non-Line of Site (NLOS) and Obstructed Line of Sight (OLS) capabilities & "plug and play" features.

Partially available in selected areas.

Client Intranet Zone

Secure online client zone for installation requests, trouble ticketing, network and service monitoring and financial statements.

Not available.


We don’t have DSL yet

They have DSL and can proposed as backup solution