WiFi Hotspots

What is WiFi-hotspot?

Technically, WiFi is a term for wireless local area networks (WLAN) that use specifications conforming to IEEE 802.11 family including wireless n. Thousands of businesses around the world are offering Wi-Fi services to their customers, so people can log onto the Internet and receive emails on the move. These locations are known as hotspots. They are gaining recognition, and affluent customers, not to mention keeping up with the competition.
Wi-Fi is not just an amenity in many types of locations -- it's expected now in airports, hotels, public libraries, and many cafes. If you don't have it, people will go elsewhere. Keeping up with email is a 24/7 proposition for many workers, and Wi-Fi hotspots help them integrate Web access into their daily routines.

WiFi your place

Whether you are a Coffee-shop owner, a hotel or amusement park manager, a library or any other public serving project, Mobi WiFi offers state-of-the-art wireless broadband solutions for you. No wires, no worries, no frontiers. All this is possible through our superior FREE 24/7 business support, and accurate, responsive personnel.

Advantages of Having Mobi WIFI In Your Place

Competitive Edge:
When making a decision on where to eat, especially the breakfast and business lunches the afternoon, a guest will choose the restaurant offering Internet Access.
Increases Average Check:
Although the first visit may just be for coffee, it has been proven that as the visits increase, the dollar amounts of the purchase also increases.
Creates A Buzz:
Guests will tell their friends that your restaurant has WiFi. WiFi solution pricing
when your guests connect to their offices, friends and families from your venue, you are giving them an extra reason to patronize your business and a reason to stay and spend more.
Increases Sales in Slower Day-parts:
Internet Access has proven to increase sales during the slow afternoon and late evening.
Mobi WiFi offers multiple business solutions for enabling your place with WiFi. Contact an account executive today to schedule an appointment to discuss your business needs and tailor your solution
Advertise your promotions:
when guests connect their laptop to the WiFi, the first page they'll see is your Wall Garden. Advertise your products and promotions.

Prepaid cards

Mobi WiFi offers different plans based on duration, speed and quota


Mobi WiFi Hotspot network is increasing day after day. Our aim is to cover all Lebanese regions. Currently the WiFi access service is available in many HotSpot locations across Lebanon from restaurants and hotels to beaches and ski resorts.

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Contact an account executive today to schedule an appointment to discuss your business needs and tailor your solution